About Atma Nambi

Atma Nambi was self-realized 26 years ago in his native country Tamil Nadu, India. He guides and inspires individuals, leaders, organizations and companies around the world in that which he lives, full awareness 24 hours a day, in a relaxed, easily accessible and down to earth manner with a lot of humor. Sri Atma Nambi

Atma Nambi is the founder of Upanisha Ananda Mandir, an international non-profit organization for well-being and health, located in Tamil Nadu, India. He inspires in approaches and modern techniques that lead to a conscious lifestyle in line with each individual’s potential as well as the vision of companies and organizations.

This leads to, among other things, deep relaxation, self-healing and satisfaction regardless of external conditions, good health and relationships as well as excellence in all areas of life. This leads to material abundance both privately, in companies and schools etc.

To live this Atma Nambi guides in readily available, practical and powerful techniques and applications in everyday life for professional use, for people of all ages and layers of society.