Life Empowerment — Self-Healing in the Silence of Awareness

This is an invitation to deeply empower yourself under a unique guidance of Swami Atma Nambi in the atmosphere of tranquility and stillness. You’re welcome to experience LIFE EMPOWERMENT and introduction to ATMA HEALING as well as the DASANGA DHYANA YOGA workshops, the LIVE LIFE satsang, Heart Chakra and Kundalini Activation, Private Kubera Tapas (a fire ceremony for spiritual and material abundance), Personal Sessions and Atma Darshan.

The techniques can be applied for personal use as well as professionally and all the activities are suitable for everyone. Some of the effects are profound feeling of rest and relaxation, occurence of self-healing and increased power and energy. A deeper peace and clarity of vision increase the potential in all areas of life. The longer you stay in the presence, this state of mind and its beneficial effects are maintained.

Sakthiyae Sathyam